Where Do You Fit In? Click on the link to work out where you are on the income graph. I’m in the bottom and as you will see I am average as most people are in the lower – bottom. I survive OK I have enough to eat (a bit sparingly); I have clothes Read more…

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Early Retirement

Loneliness and Health

I recently came across a hand-made banner unfurled outside an estate on Old Street in East London declaring: “It is only within the context of each other that we are individuals”. It was a powerful reminder of a 21st-century paradox: that while we continue to live more connected lives, we Read more…

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Diabetes Ireland

Thanks to Sinead and Cathy for their very helpful sessions on Diabetes ( We were all tested, weight, height BMI, blood glucose and given advice how to cope with it. There was much discussion about diet and some myths were dispelled. Very informative. If you need more info the diabetes Read more…

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A Gathering of The Sheds

I will do a full report of the meeting when I get the minutes from Noel. Here are some pictures to keep you going. A successful meeting and thanks to all who organised and ran it. More to come.

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We have some good old chats around the table, people contribute and listen to all sorts of things. It’s all part of The Shed. Tom doesn’t have time to read this blog so I can say what I like!! He comes across as very bossy sometimes ahh but he’s a Read more…

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