Hi Philip,

Do you think that the key to our physical and mental health is a combination of healthy diet, exercise, connecting to nature and positive social relationships?

All of these things can take place at the heart of our communities, so as we move into October, we’d like to focus on ideas that can make all of us, and our local communities, healthier.

There’ll be plenty to talk about this month but we’re getting started with the ideas that get us out of the house and active in our communities!

Of course parkrun comes to mind straight away – it’s a free, timed 5k run, that happens every single Saturday morning in 1,243 parks around the world and in more than 60 parks around Ireland!

You might think, “there’s no way could I get out of bed early on a Saturday to go for a run” and that’s what Kelly said, before she joined the parkrun in Dublin’s Marlay Park.

Kelly and her whole family start their weekends with parkrun. 

Meet Kelly in this short video on youtube

Tomorrow, Saturday October 7th,  is a very special day for parkrun.

Why? Because it’s International parkrun day and parkrun’s 13th anniversary tada   Even though we’re a day early:

If you’d like to celebrate, why not join a parkrun tomorrow and share your experience with pictures and videos?


If there’s no parkrun at your doorstep and no time to travel, there’s still time to get a gang together for a run and maybe have a chat about starting one.

Building the habits of a healthy lifestyle with our children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them and it’s more important than ever with obesity weights among young people growing all the time – one out of four children in Ireland is overweight. Very simple lifestyle changes, like walking instead of driving to school, can have a positive impact.

That’s the simple idea behind Walking School Bus. It’s a group of children walking to school with adult supervision. This way, it’s safe and children don’t have to walk alone and the group can be as small as 2 or 3 or as big as 20 children walking together!

We love the way the Happy Pear – you might know them for their cookbooks – are using their popularity to promote a healthy lifestyle in their hometown Greystones, where they run their café.

They managed to get 400 people down to the beach at 5am on a Sunday morning for a swim. They call it Swimrise and we think it’s an initiative worth spreading.

We hope there’s been something in here for you. If you have more ideas or questions, please do get in touch – all you need to do is hit reply on this email.

And a date for your diary: Next Tuesday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. The focus for this year is mental health in the workplace. Maybe there are some ideas you can bring to your colleagues, like GIY @workMyMind@work or just have a think together about what you can do to support each other’s mental health at work through small changes.

Wishing you a healthy and active weekend!

Niamh and the ChangeX team

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