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Mouse / Computer / File Manager / Explorer

Watch full screen or small screen and pause when necessary 🙂

File Typesfile name dot extension

Image files:

.jpg – the most common compressed 16 million colours (.jpeg type of .jpg)

.png – higher quality and has transparency

.bmp – not used much now produces large files

.gif – 256 colours used for animations

.tiff – large files sometimes required for ID.

.psd – Adobe Photoshop file

Text files

.txt – text file without formatting used by notepad

.doc .docx – MS Word document

.pdf – documents commonly used for putting on the ‘net

.rtf – rich text format used by WordPad


.xls .xlxs – MS Excel

.csv – comma separated value used for databases / Excel


.exe – executes a program   

Compressed Files

.zip – compressed files to save space when downloading needs unzip program

Video Files

.avi – video file

.mp4 – more modern video file compressed

Audio file

.wav – large uncompressed audio file

.mp3 – most common audio file


.html – web pages – .com .net and .org