pot bellied stove

Thanks for visiting. We are just over a year old and we are going strong. We have a “hard core” of about six members or so and about 20 on the books.

We have a great workshop and some beautiful creations are coming out of it. We have had chairs and benches and some bird nesting boxes especially for swifts coming home.

We are doing well heatwise, we have a pot bellied stove that keeps the place roasting and enough wood to keep it going.

We are open Mon – Sat from about 10.30 till 4 pm and you will generally find our two stalwarts Willie Bryan and Tom Finnerty keeping the place ticking over nicely.

I am tech support and blogger – if you need a hand making a website I’m your man. Have a look at the blog to see how we are doing.

If we can assist the community please get in touch, we are here to help not just as a men’s shed but as a community resource.