We just had a group from Mojo come visit us in the Shed. :

Mojo ( ) is a 12 week training programme, developed by a collective of organisations, to reduce the high levels of male suicide in Ireland. Men learn to build their mental and physical fitness while developing their ability to engage with local services, set goals and develop a life plan.

Sheds have a role to play in the continuation of services to vulnerable men. We provide an ideal space for men to find their feet. We showed the guys around and they were suitably impressed with our facilities Then we sat down and Tom our chairman gave a brief talk and members of the shed chipped in with their experiences.

( I tried my “Hi, I’m Philip and I am an alcoholic, oops sorry wrong meeting” as a group icebreaker and again nobody laughed, maybe it’s not funny! – well, I think it’s funny. )

Statistics on suicides in Ireland are here.

Then we had hot dogs and everybody relaxed a bit. I had a good chat with one of the workers, another Londoner, and a few of the men.

With another mass shooting in America, gun control has come to the fore again (sigh); a recent video I watched commented that in suicide gun scenarios you rarely get a second chance.  Gun suicide accounts for more than 50% of suicide deaths in the US.

There have been times in my life that if I had had a gun, well I wouldn’t be here now talking to all you lovely people! 🙂

The  is a great site and well worth a visit. They have some good ideas and practices. They have just opened a branch in Offaly (my county in Ireland) and we will likely see a few members come into our Shed.  Sheds are everywhere but not many are as good as ours, facilities-wise.

Please note Mojo is a dot ngo domain that should be more widely used.

We help complete the service I think. We should elicit the help of our local job club too, as unemployment and suicide are linked.