I have three new domains http://pjfb.org Philip James Finlay Bryan my initials no less as a four letter dot org can’t be bad. This is 2017 and you can still get a four letter domain. So I now have me@pjfb.org as an email address. So easy to type.

In my pursuit and capture of digital literacy I have set up http://DigitalCitizens.eu for the princely sum of €4.99 for the year and http://DigitalCitizens.online for €3 pa . Why isn’t everyone doing it? I charge €25 per year for hosting, that’s peanuts.

So why don’t you have a domain?

Eoin Delaney does and IT’S HERE http://eoindelaneyblog.wordpress.com ! Have a look, we set it up this morning. Good man Eoin, it’s going to be a comedy site.